Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Soul......perfect blog........My inspiration

I know it feels a bit weird to talk about other blogs on your blog but i just cannot help it.
The reason i am telling you about this blog is that person is the perfect person in his life(my opinion).That is why i call him my inspiration.
His blog is about his journey of life and the difficulties he has been facing.

i suggest you to visit his blog.For his adress look into my list of favourite blogs its written SOUL.Do visit it.


Soul said...
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Soul said...

Dear do not do this ..This is quite embarassing.
I am not perfect..For that sake nobody is perfect. We all have good things and bad things in ourselves.
Good to know that I am an inspiration to you. I am only a small person in this world. There are plenty of good people from whom you can get inspired. Learn the good things from people ...the same way take good things only from my blog. Do not go for the bad things in life.
Always try to be a good human being first than anything else.That will always matter.

Remember " Being a good human being is very tough"