Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A new life...

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So finally i am back to blogging. You all must be wondering that where i had been for such a long time, well, i was giving my final exams of 8th grade. All of you must be knowing that when i had my mid-year exams, my mom had stopped me from using computer and if luckily i could get a chance to sit on the computer then i could not do this blogging.

Same happened this time. Because these were the final exams so i had to start the preparation 2 months before the exams, and you know what guys? The result of these exams was had to decide my future. If we don't get above 80% result then we can not get admission in O-levles!!!! That is why i had to work really hard in order to go to O-levels and if would have not got the admission then God knows what could have happened to me:P

After two months of extreme hard work, the exams finally came. I still remember the butterflies in my stomach when i used to enter the examination hall. We got our result after the two days the exams finished and i was not expecting more than 82%. But do you know what was my result?........................................90%!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Now that is what i call success:P I not only got 90% but but all so the highest percentage in my whole class. I could not wait to share this victory with you guys. But behind this happiness...there is a fear. I have now stepped in to O-levels and the whole class has split up because everyone has taken different subjects. Now i am going to study at a place where everyone is unfamiliar. Its going to be a fresh start and a whole new life. I hope i can adjust. WISH ME LUCK:)