Friday, February 22, 2008

Are three enough?

I have three best friends and i have a great relationship with them and we all understand each other. I am really to have those three friends who are really caring,understanding and each of them has a style of her own.

I really love them. There is one fact that there is one friend of mine whom i love like a sister. We both are really good friends and are faces match so much that people think that we are real sisters. The other too friends are also great.

I have no problems with them and i am happy with them. But one problem is there which is disturbing my life. My school fellows think that i am getting rude because i don not give time to others. I always become too friendly with people and they always like me and then they want to be friends with me.

But i already have three friends to give time. I want to give time to others but my friends do not want any fourth person in our relationship. Everyone wants to be friends with me and i like that. But i am really confused that are three enough or i should make more good friends but then it is impossible to give time to every individual.

And there is one thing that i don't want to be bad for anyone but i don't get friends with them then they will think that i am very rude. Can you people help me out in this situation?

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I really had to write this post because the situation in my school forced me to. I am in high school and we have a right to be a part of every celebration that are school has.

But i am afraid nothing is happening like that in our school. As you all people know that Pakistan is in a big trouble because of the suicide bomb attacks and our school's name is on the top in the hit list. I don't want to mention the name of my school because you people will not have a good impression about it then.

So,because of those attacks and explosions;an entire team of civil defense training came to our school and decided to train us for different situations. We all had the training and yesterday was the closing ceremony in which the selected people had they perform a scene.

In that scene they had to show that if (god forbid) an explosion occurs in our school then how will we act upon it and i know that it was about be alot of fun.Whatsoever,we went out of classes in proper lines and sat in the auditorium.

After five minutes a teacher came and said hat all the 7ths should go back to their classes because of insufficient space.

Now just tell me people is this the way that juniors should be treated? NO! This is not the way. What happens if we are the juniors of the school but we are in high school and we deservered to be there. I really hate this type of discrimination.

We children have also found the solution to this problem. The solution is that we are going to have a protest in our school ti have our rights.

But the problem is that it does not seems to be right for me. Please if you have some solution to stop this discrimination then tell me. I know that you will help me to stop this DISCRIMINATION.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Happy valentines day to all my fellow bloggers and visitors.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am what i am because of FUN in my life

I really wanted to write this post because i am really messed up. I am a kind of person who wants to be only her\his way. But i am afraid things are not going that way. I am being stopped to be myself.

People often think that i am in a growing up age and must stop myself from doing kiddish things. I am going to be 14 this June. Just tell me people how much old can that be? Its only 14. I just love doing the things which are full of fun and excitement!

Let me tell conversation that went between me and my brother
one day i was jumping on my bed

Brother: What are you doing?
Me: having fun
Brother: This is not your age to have this kind of fun
Me: But i just love doing it
Brother: Go and do some sensible things
Me: Ok bhai

Now is this the way? No its not.I know one thing that THERE IS NO AGE FOR FUN! If we stop doing things because of our age then there is no point of living this life. God almighty has given us this life for a purpose and if there is no fun in it then that purpose is useless.

I bring fun in every single task of my life and maybe that is the reason that i enjoy everything in this world. And if i am banned to have fun my way then what is the use of it. I know that by reading the topic of my post, you may fell that i am rude or i want things to be my way.

Seriously my intentions are not like that. I do things my way and i advice you people to do things your way and add a pinch of fun to your life and then you will fell that fun is the most important ingredient in the recipe of your life.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Why do i like vanessa hudgens?

Vanessa Anne Hudgens (born December 14, 1988), also known simply as Vanessa Hudgens, is an American actress and singer. She made her screen debut in 2003 and appeared in the Hollywood films Thirteen and Thunderbirds, before reaching fame in the 2006 hit Disney Channel film High School Musical. Hudgens also began a music career and released her debut album, entitled V, in 2006. In 2007, Hudgens became the spokesperson for Neutrogena.[1]

I love her because she is really a talented teenager and has made a place in everyone's heart in a very short time. I am a big fan of her and she is an inspiration of every teen. Her two most famous songs 'say ok' and 'come back to me' became famous in a short interval of time.

Starting at the age of eight, Hudgens performed in musical theater as a singer, and appeared in local productions of Carousel, The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, The Music Man, and Cinderella, among others.[5] Hudgens successfully auditioned for a commercial and subsequently moved to Los Angeles with her family, with whom she is still close, namely Gina Hudgens- her mom, Stella Hudgens- her sister and Greg Hudgens- her dad. Not only is she close with her family but also her friends, namely Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, the rest of the HSM cast and her not so famous Filipino friend Adrianne Galvez.

Her television appearances include guest roles on Quintuplets, Still Standing, The Brothers Garcia and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, as Corrie, a classmate of Maddie and London. Hudgens also appeared on Drake & Josh, playing Drake's girlfriend, Rebecca.

Hudgens' largest role among teenage audiences has been starring in the Disney Channel movie High School Musical, which premiered in January 2006; BBC News said that the film's success turned Hudgens into a "household name" in North America.[6] Hudgens and Efron had won "Best Chemistry" award at the Teen Choice Awards for their roles.[7]

Vanessa is a great singer+actor and i love her. The information i mentioned is the reason why i love Vanessa Hudgens.