Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am what i am because of FUN in my life

I really wanted to write this post because i am really messed up. I am a kind of person who wants to be only her\his way. But i am afraid things are not going that way. I am being stopped to be myself.

People often think that i am in a growing up age and must stop myself from doing kiddish things. I am going to be 14 this June. Just tell me people how much old can that be? Its only 14. I just love doing the things which are full of fun and excitement!

Let me tell conversation that went between me and my brother
one day i was jumping on my bed

Brother: What are you doing?
Me: having fun
Brother: This is not your age to have this kind of fun
Me: But i just love doing it
Brother: Go and do some sensible things
Me: Ok bhai

Now is this the way? No its not.I know one thing that THERE IS NO AGE FOR FUN! If we stop doing things because of our age then there is no point of living this life. God almighty has given us this life for a purpose and if there is no fun in it then that purpose is useless.

I bring fun in every single task of my life and maybe that is the reason that i enjoy everything in this world. And if i am banned to have fun my way then what is the use of it. I know that by reading the topic of my post, you may fell that i am rude or i want things to be my way.

Seriously my intentions are not like that. I do things my way and i advice you people to do things your way and add a pinch of fun to your life and then you will fell that fun is the most important ingredient in the recipe of your life.


johnny cigar said...

very true..
no point growing up before u feel grown up.

Soul said...

so ur blog is doing great...fine to know that...thats really...
well I will be back soon maybe another 14 days thats all.....

Dhivya said...

Thanks for dropping by sahefa...absolutely u r correct,,,,THERE IS NO AGE FOR FUN!.......surprised to see tat u r in 13 .....great job..keep it up

Sahefa said...

@johnny cigar: thank you
@soul: good to see u back bhai
@dhiviya: Thank you and my pleasure

Hammer said...

I still jump on the bed and act silly. Even as an adult you are never too old to have fun.

Shruti said...

The part of that conversation that was wrong was 'ok bhai'. Its absolutely not ok.
When people rule over us, and we get into a habit of just letting them do it, life's not fun. Well, you're absolutely right.. no age barrier for having fun. Its your life.. and its perfectly alright to be child like!

Asha said...

Hi Sahefa,
Your article is great :))!
You should always have fun and I can understand how nice it will be to jump on the bed :))!
So, don't worry about your brother, whatever you do is also part of his life and he may be happy telling you like that but you do whatever you feel right for you :))!
One day he will cherish the moment you enjoyed with out listening to him :))!
That may give him the same feeling as that of jumping on a bed :))!
It will be great fun of his life :))!
Enjoy :-)!
Take care :-)!
Nice post :-)!

Shella said...

Sahefa - no fun, no life - is my motto. I love doing things my way, let my hair down (not once, but always). What's the point in living a boring life, where you just exercise your face muscles once in a while. You should always smile, n be happy, n do what your heart pleases - but just be careful not to hurt anybody in the bargain. Have fun, the best thing is people around you will also learn having fun very soon.

I say so coz I am one fun loving person, joyous n laughing always. My husband is the serious kinda guy, but he loves the fun part in me, n has slowly started enjoying life dont give up.

Anonymous said...

Nice topic and very nice wording..

Sahefa said...

@ Hammer:I agree with you
@ Shruti:Correct. that is what i want to explain.
@ Asha:Thank you and you are also correct.

Sahefa said...

@ shella:you also look a happy kind of person.
@ anonymous: Thankyou

Fathima said...

Thanks for dropping in.
U have a long way to go. Be urself always.

Sahefa said...

thank you fathima.

G U R U said...

So, here I am, finally! You've got a great blog -- we adults have a lot of things to learn from youngsters like you :-D

As for the fun, the only mantra that I follow in my life is, "Live every moment to it's fullest!!"

Sahefa said...

I totally agree with you guru

Alok said...


What is life if it's not about surviving and procreation?

And if you gotta survive, you have to enjoy yourself as much as possible!

Never stop having fun!

As a person who'll start earning money in a job soon, all I'll look for is the amount of fun that I'll have when I work, not the money, not the fame. It'll be about my satisfaction and my fun.

Tshhar Mangal said...

Very true sahefa
...As someone who is now 20 i can very well say if you don't enjoy what you are doing
You are simply wasting your life which God gave you
One should live every moment of it.
I believe when i die atleast i leave behind some happy memories,some time cherished with those who like me,admire me.What else i can give them.
And lastly i just want to say

I Loved jumping on my bed,my dad's bed and ever bed in my house,even the sofas :-P
now am 6 feet and its looks weird :-(
You reminded me of that great time
keep writng
keep jumping