Thursday, February 14, 2008


I really had to write this post because the situation in my school forced me to. I am in high school and we have a right to be a part of every celebration that are school has.

But i am afraid nothing is happening like that in our school. As you all people know that Pakistan is in a big trouble because of the suicide bomb attacks and our school's name is on the top in the hit list. I don't want to mention the name of my school because you people will not have a good impression about it then.

So,because of those attacks and explosions;an entire team of civil defense training came to our school and decided to train us for different situations. We all had the training and yesterday was the closing ceremony in which the selected people had they perform a scene.

In that scene they had to show that if (god forbid) an explosion occurs in our school then how will we act upon it and i know that it was about be alot of fun.Whatsoever,we went out of classes in proper lines and sat in the auditorium.

After five minutes a teacher came and said hat all the 7ths should go back to their classes because of insufficient space.

Now just tell me people is this the way that juniors should be treated? NO! This is not the way. What happens if we are the juniors of the school but we are in high school and we deservered to be there. I really hate this type of discrimination.

We children have also found the solution to this problem. The solution is that we are going to have a protest in our school ti have our rights.

But the problem is that it does not seems to be right for me. Please if you have some solution to stop this discrimination then tell me. I know that you will help me to stop this DISCRIMINATION.


SwAThi.... said...

Probably you should go talk to the authorities... it might work out..
anyways all the best.

Sahefa said...

Thank you

Asha said...

Hi Sahefa.
Thank you for the wishes.
And yeah its a serious issue.
But I wish there won't be any problems to your school or any school :-)!
So, don't worry :-)!
When, God saves nobody can stop him :-)!
May be if you wish there will be one more training :-)!
Hope there won't be any problems at all :-)!

Hammer said...

When schools act like that here the parents stage the protests and call the media to embarass the autorities who made the decision.

Hope that helps.

Sahefa said...

@asha: i hope that as well
@hammer: Thanks for the decision.

Anonymous said...

protesting @ school days itself.... you should not do that... as swathi said talk to authorities first and if it is not given any result... parents should approach... coz everyone are human.... All the best :)

Sahefa said...

thankyou tekybala

ashish said...

i think u must first talk to ur parents about this and if possible ask them to organize a PTA (parent-teacher association) meeting regarding this matter.

Sahefa said...

yup maybe you are right i will try for that

Dhivya said...

its a serious issue...Probably you should go talk to the authorities... it might work out..

Sahefa said...

I agree dhivya

Ziah said...

What if you were a doctor in a critical care unit. You have five extremely sick patients and enough medicine to help only three of them? Would you let all of them die? Or would you CHOOSE to save three as the greater good seeing three lives saved rather than five lives taken?

And if you choose the greater good, would that be discrimination? And so is it fair to let all five die?

I want you to think about it...

God Bless.

Sahefa said...

Wow! You have really forced me to think Ziah

Anonymous said...

Well, there is nothing like greater good and greater bad in the world of God!
God wants each and everyone to survive in whatever is available Sahefa :-)!
He will give in excess indeed if we try to live :-)!
Think in this way only :-)!

Sahefa said...

thnx. I will try.

Gazal said...

hi sahefa...
your post reminded me of my students,who crib and complain,but are so adorable.
i can only say that,probably they(teachers) wanted to train the younger kids,and thought that you people were mature enough to wade yourself out of the situation.

thanks for visiting my blog.It's great when ideas transend boundaries.

Sahefa said...

I think you did not understand my problem Gazal. Maybe you took the opposite side. Actually we are juniors and they are seniors.

pink dogwood said...


It is unfair since you also need to know how to deal with the sitution. Maybe the school thought that if they train the older kids, they will help the younger kids?

Maybe they can stage another scenario for the benefit of the younger kids.

In any case, I pray that your school stays safe.

Sahefa said...


Alok said...

I hope your school remains safe from all those hate seeking people.

It was wrong on the part of the teacher to keep you away from all this. But, I don't think that you need demonstrations on how to save yourself to learn to protect yourself, do you?

Sahefa said...

maybe u r right