Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A disappeared blogger is back

It is a long time since I've posted anything or visited anyone's blog. really a long time but i can explain why was that so. I had my exams and they were not just exams...they were mid-year exams and mom took all of my contacts from me. My cellphone, my computer, my ipod almost everything was taken away from me. This time there is hell lot of pressure on me because next year i want to be in o-levels and to do that i must clear my mid-year and annual exams. I missed everything a lot and most importantly i missed blogging because maybe this is the way i can express my feelings and then get such valuable comments.

I still remember that whenever i was sitting in my study room i always used to think that what will be happening in the world of blogging, What would be bloggers thinking about me that i am getting lazy and that is why i am not posting anything but that is simply not the reason. I really love this world of blogging and i am sorry from the bottom of my heart to everyone and now i will try my best to post regularly and visit each blog regularly.

And ya another thing which i forgot to mention and that that i got an ward from tushhar I am really sorry Tushhar that you always give me awards and i am never able to and you always comment on posts but i am never able but forgive this time and i will try my best to be a part of you every post.
This is the award

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Congrats guys!!!