Friday, March 28, 2008


I had the worst injury today! Could not believe that i was about to brake my bone. Let me tell you the whole incident which happened with me today.

Me and my friends were walking in the school corridors. Suddenly my friend pushed me hard and i fell on the floor. I did not realized at that time that how bad the injury was,but when i woke up the next day...i could not tolerate the pain.

Let me tell you a negative point about me. I am really afraid from the doctors and medicines. I really avoid these two things but the pain was so much that i was forced to go the doctor.

Whatsoever,i went to the doctor and he told me that some of my tissues were torn and my muscles had hardened. Now i have a bandage that starts from my hand and goes till my elbow. My doctor told me that if i had lifted any heavy thing then i could get a fracture!

I don't know how i am writing this post because its very difficult to type. Please people pray for me that my arm gets well soon.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Its your life!!!

Many people give their life in the hands of somebody else which means that they don't make the decisions of their life by themselves but someone else.

I started realizing this thing when i wrote my last post. People gave me such helpful comments (thank you every one) and the most common point i noticed in most of the comments was' its your life. Enjoy it your way'. That really helped me in realizing that God has given us only one life so that we can build ourselves by taking making the most important decisions of our life on our own.

Whenever i wanted to wear something. I always used to ask a plenty of people and they used to give me variety of ideas. Which really confused me but now i have come up with a conclusion and that is that its our life. We should live it our way.

So i request all my readers that concentrate on my post and enjoy your way. After all 'its your life'

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I don't get it...

I am a teenager and i am happy for that. But i don't get one thing and that is that am i grown up or just a kid. Some treat me like a grown up girl and some treat me like small girl.

I don't know why this happens. If i want to do something then people say that i am growing up and i should not do such stupid things. When i do some grown up thing then people say that i am still small for these things.

I don't know that how i should find out that i am a grown up girl or a small kid. I know its a very small post because i believe in writing to the point. I cannot write really lengthy articles. I write really less but to the point. I have done it even now as well.

So my dear fellow bloggers can you give me answer to my question. Which is that am i a grown up or a small girl.I JUST DON'T GET IT!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I loved it when bloggers used to tag each other but no one did it to me. But now i am taggged that means that i have to write a few facts about me. I am tagged by my friend who is very close to me. I have never done tagging before. Just doing it now so here it goes...

1.I am not confident at all. I realized it when i started high school. I found out that i was not able to talk to teachers who never taught me. I always have two options either to look at him or to speak. I cannot do both at the same time.

2.I love singing but i cannot sing at front of anyone and when i want to sing and i go to my bedroom,close the door and sing loudly and i actually feel better.

3.I am really good at writing but i never do it because i never find time and when i find time then i don't want to write. I am always the two-side person.

4.I have got a height-phobia. I am really scared of height even when i see alot of stairs i get scared and cannot use them.

5.I like acting. But never got a chance to do it. I will sure try it some time.

6.I love playing tricks on people but i stopped when once i was caught.

I am passing this tag to Tshhar who is also a really good friend of mine.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I never understood that for which thing i am perfect. I am always confused. All of my friends have specialty and they are good at it. But its only me who is never able to do anything.

All of my friends say that you write with your left hand and that makes you special. Just tell me people that how can writing with a left hand makes someone special. I am good for nothing. I want to be special like others so that people notices me. Sometimes i try to act funny so that people attracts towards me but even that makes no use.

I am not good at sports, in which any one can be good at. I don't know how to find the true me. Can anyone of my readers suggest me the way to help me find the inner me,the true me...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It was fun!

It was my talent show two days back. I did not get time to write nay post about it. But as i write about all the happenings in my school so somehow i took some time out and i write started writing. I enjoyed alot over there. I met all my new and old friends there. We all were really excited to see each other.

I will never be able to forget this day because it has alot of good moments of my life. My all teachers appreciated our play however we did not get first position but as every one says"winning is the first step to success". So we did not feel bad about it. When we all performed our play,it was time to dance for everyone and everyone did that including my teachers. No one had ever thought that our teachers would dance so the fun increased more and more.

The show started at 4:00p.m and finished at 8:30p.m. No one had imagined that we are going to have this much fun. I hope that must have enjoyed with me while reading this post.