Monday, December 31, 2007


Happy new year to all my fellow bloggers and visitors

Friday, December 28, 2007

I was being ignored

I started realizing that i am being ignored when i told my brother to write a debate for me. It has been a week since i am asking him. The second time i felt that i am being ignored was when i was trying to choose my clothes for the party.

Then day by day i started feeling left aside until i got a good result for my papers. Then i realized that it was due to my less attention towards the studies that made my family upset with me.

But the one thing which i don not understand up till now is that why did no one told me the cause of ignoring me while they knew it very well? Can one of you help me in finding the answer to this question?

Monday, December 24, 2007


I thought about doing a post on this topic because this is very important for the people of our generation.

"Equality is very important in our lives". This is very easy for people to say but they never act upon it. People often neglect the black people and have a more positive attitude towards the white people. This not only happens with the black people but also with the people who are not actually black they only have a dull complexion.

I know how it feels and i ask you my fellow bloggers that why people are ignored for the features the are given by god. Put yourselves at the place of those black and middle tone people and think how it feels. It feels MISERABLE.

Please i request you people to have a value for equality and Buddha had also advised his followers to go on the path of equality.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Having fun on my friend's birthday

Recently i attended a birthday party of my friend. I had so much fun because all of my friends were there. There are hardly any occasion when we friends get together. I wore my favorite dress. It was black jeans and black t-shirt. I usually wear black however, my friends don not like when i always wear black. Anyway, we played so many games and then we all went out for some fun.
It was a lovely day and i really enjoyed.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life is a precious gift

Life is a precious gift so enjoy it your way

Monday, December 17, 2007

Always be satisfied with your life

I thought about doing a post on this topic because satisfaction plays a vital role in our lives.

Due to some incidents people often stop in the journey of their life and take life as a useless piece of cake which is thrown when contaminated. I have seen alot of people like this and there are many examples which i can give.

If something unpleasant has happened with us does not mean that we should blame ourselves for this,instead we should try to realize that whatever has happened is for our own good and after all God will not do things which are not good for us.

So if we truly believe in ourselves and God,then we should always be satisfied with our lives.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Finally my exams are finished. Now i can fully concentrate on my blog and do whatever i want.

Exams had almost stopped my life. But now it seems to be getting back. I can go outside and play games etc.

By reading this post you must have thought that i am fed up of my studies;please don't think like that. Education is my life but it is only that the exams had put alot of burden on me.

Seriously i am very happy that my exams are finished and now its only HHHOOOOOOO HAAAAAAA.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Soul......perfect blog........My inspiration

I know it feels a bit weird to talk about other blogs on your blog but i just cannot help it.
The reason i am telling you about this blog is that person is the perfect person in his life(my opinion).That is why i call him my inspiration.
His blog is about his journey of life and the difficulties he has been facing.

i suggest you to visit his blog.For his adress look into my list of favourite blogs its written SOUL.Do visit it.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


All alone,
I can't sleep,
In my dreams,
Is were i weap,
I hide my problems,
Day to day!
Im scared of everything,
Thats why i stray!
When no one is near me,
I can't hide my pain,
Of a peer hatred from,
Looking in the mirror!

Be happy

Be happy
and the family around you will be happy

Be happy
and the people around you will be happy

Be happy
and the world around you will be happy

Be happy to spread happiness around you

Friday, December 7, 2007

Respects to our adults

I thaught about doing a post on elderly people because this the modern age and no one cares about others.Everyone is busy in their own lives but no one has ever felt that there are some adults which have to be noticed.
I have seen some adults who are so lonely and leftout that they even don't even know what is happening out of their house.
However,we know that the adults are bit weeker to do the work of our level but have we ever noticed that what did they do when they were young.People often say that the adults are of no use but my fellow bloggers try to realize that now we are young but same attitude can be towards us when the next generatin will come.
So i suggest that we should have a positive attitude towards the elderly people and we should fulfill their needs.

perception respect judgementalism difficulties challenges problems charity mercy

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS.......aren't they done yet;

God!!!Everyone knows the exam days are coming closer and closer.In the exam days life becomes so dull,feels like life is not stopped yet and the dead not being started.

No t.v,playstation,ipod and no nothing.There is no doubt that education is the biggest gift of life but students should not have this much pressure.

I must say that exams are for our own good and they are a great help to us in learning what we have studied so far,but it should be a quick process...not that it should take 14 days.

I hate examsbut on the other side i like them as well because they are for our own good.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I m confused........

People advised me on doing a post on myself.About how i feel,how i react and how i behave in my normal days.I started writing this post when i came back from school depressed.My friends think that i am very bossy but i dont know that how should i tell them that i m not.My best friend is very understanding and she knows that whatever i do is always correct so she does everything which i tell her to.My other friends think that i order her and i am her boss.Its not that i m bossy its just that i tell them to do which i think is correct but on the other sid my friends take it in an opposite manner.I am very confused that what should i do.I have to tell them that what is right and what is wrong and i also want them to understand that i am not bossy at all.My friends,can you tell me the right path to this situation?