Monday, December 17, 2007

Always be satisfied with your life

I thought about doing a post on this topic because satisfaction plays a vital role in our lives.

Due to some incidents people often stop in the journey of their life and take life as a useless piece of cake which is thrown when contaminated. I have seen alot of people like this and there are many examples which i can give.

If something unpleasant has happened with us does not mean that we should blame ourselves for this,instead we should try to realize that whatever has happened is for our own good and after all God will not do things which are not good for us.

So if we truly believe in ourselves and God,then we should always be satisfied with our lives.


Soul said...

I still wonder where i should stop asking for more and start thinking that I am satisfied..Thinking that only my whole life goes on !!!!

Zahra said...
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Sahefa said...

Always believe in your self and get ready to realize that whatever you have is more than what you want and think that your desires are fulfilled.