Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It all started when when we were going for our games period. When we were on the way to the play ground we heard news that the teams are getting selected for flat race.

My friend was really excited to hear these news and she decided to participate in it. When the selection was going on; my friend tried her best to get selected for the team and we all were cheering for her and then suddenly there was a silence in the ground as my friend fell on the ground with all the wait on her arm. I could not tolerate her cries and i left the ground and then i don not know what happened.

Then we were in the class and my friend came inside with all the bandage wrapped till her elbow. We really felt bad for her. She was in severe pain. But she did not let anyone know that she is in pain but i could understand her situation and i helped her alot in picking up her bag and other things.

Today she called me and told that her major bone of the arm was broken. I was really surprised to hear that because no one would ever guess that it was such a serious case. The reason behind writing this post was that i want you all to pray for her that she gets well soon.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Decision Yet

After writing the post "am i a burden" i realized that my fellow bloggers are my best advisers so i want one advice from you today as well. As everyone knows that i write down everything on my blog about my feelings and my thoughts.

I wrote this post because i cannot make a decision yet. I am studying in 7th class and will soon go in 8th. but i have not made the decision that whether to go in the science category or business. I decided to choose science and become a scientist then i realized that it takes a long time to become a scientist almost at the age of 30. But i cannot continue that long.

The second category is the business category. Choosing this may result in variety of professions. But many of my friends and relatives do not agree to it.
I want that if i decide to become someone i must do that and should not leave my career incomplete.

Today i am standing where my mind has failed to make a decision. So i want you people to help me out with the right and correct decision.

Friday, January 18, 2008


So finally my result is here. I am so happy because my report went so good that my family is also proud of me.
At last my heartbeat is back to normal, i can breath easily and most important of all i am starting to enjoy my life once again.
Getting god marks is must in my family and if you don not do that then that means that you are finished! I tried my best to get a good result and i got it. The credit goes to my mother's prayers, my studies and most important of all.......YOU. Yes people helped alot through comments and wishing me best of luck.
Thank you all of my visitors who wished me best of luck.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Am i a burden???

The reason for writing this post is that i was standing behind my uncle and aunt and i heard them saying"do you think Sahefa would be a burden for her parents?"

I was quite shocked to hear this and i decided to ask my mother the answer to this question. My mother is just like a friend of mine and that is why i can easily share my views and feelings with her and the reason to this friendship is that i don't have any sister. I had but she died and i cannot share much of my thoughts with my brothers. They never give me the right suggestion.

Anyway when my uncle and aunt went i put my head in the lap of my mother and started crying. When she asked me that why was i crying then i told her the whole situation. Then she explained me that people often say this because they don not know the relation between a girl and her parents.

They think that it is a difficult job for the parents to take care of a young girl who is in a growing up age. Then my mother told me that it feels a difficult job but if there is a good relation between children and parents then there is no difficulty at all.

I tell my mother everything about me. I tell her what happened in the school, i tell her what kind of people i interact with.....i just tell her everything. My friends are not that much friendly with their mothers. Some of my friends have a heart for someone but they are never able to tell this to their mothers and i feel sorry for them.

Whatsoever i got the answer to my question and i am fully satisfied that i am not a burden. I also learned one thing from this situation that there should someone of yours from whom you can share everything.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A week left


Only one week is left. Cannot wait to listen my result. Every day is a cause of serious tension.
I request the visitors that whoever reads this post,please do wish me best of luck (i really need it)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Internet; a blessing or a curse?

Internet is another name of technology. It helps us to get attached to the modern world. Although almost everyone has a clear picture of internet in their mind but no one has ever understood that is internet a blessing or a curse?

Maybe my post help you people a bit in finding the answer to this question.

Children might use internet to play games and entertain themselves. Teenagers use internet to make new friends and collect interesting information and elders use internet to work.

Different age groups use internet for different purposes but what we have to notice is whatever they are doing is in a positive manner or not. For example we should see that whatever the game child is playing is good for him\her or not in the same way the teenagers and elders are using in a correct way or not.

I hope you people have got the point which i am trying to say.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Recognize yourself

Have you ever noticed that whenever an important job is given to a person and he just spoils it then there is only one sentence on his tongue and that is"i can never do anything correct".

Why do people always say or feel this. They should recognize their inner talent and try to explore it properly. Whenever a person say that i can never do anything correct then that means he is showing his weakness.

I know that i am just a 13 year old girl but please people try to feel this thing. Try to recognize your inner talent,your inner beauty. TRY TO RECOGNIZE YOURSELF!!!