Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Decision Yet

After writing the post "am i a burden" i realized that my fellow bloggers are my best advisers so i want one advice from you today as well. As everyone knows that i write down everything on my blog about my feelings and my thoughts.

I wrote this post because i cannot make a decision yet. I am studying in 7th class and will soon go in 8th. but i have not made the decision that whether to go in the science category or business. I decided to choose science and become a scientist then i realized that it takes a long time to become a scientist almost at the age of 30. But i cannot continue that long.

The second category is the business category. Choosing this may result in variety of professions. But many of my friends and relatives do not agree to it.
I want that if i decide to become someone i must do that and should not leave my career incomplete.

Today i am standing where my mind has failed to make a decision. So i want you people to help me out with the right and correct decision.


Shruti said...

Oh my dear litle kid!! You're in the 7th. My advice is: wait till you go to 10th.
What's the big hurry? U haven't even been so much exposed to subjects that u can decide what you want your future to be like!! I am guessing u have people around asking u "what do u want to become" and u r desperately searching for a smart answer to give them. Or u someone around u who has reached a point in their life wher they have to choose their field.
Look Sahefa, a career is not all about what is in demand. U need to be satisfied wholly with whatever u r doing. Why not do something u like, if u can?
So, for now, keep career out of ur mind and study well. U will gradually find out what interests u the most.

Shruti said...

Ask your school authorities to conduct an aptitude test. And the counsellor should be a professional. So after the written test on various topics like science, math, visual ability, language etc, there will be this counsellor who will talk to students individually. That will help you to take up a field for which u have a natural inclination, without being biased by other's opinions. It will help all ur schoolmates also. Try suggesting to your Principal.

ÕHARINIÕ said...

well sahefa if u ask me do what your heart tells you....if you dont like science...for heavens sake do NOT go for it..itll be hell.. and if u take science you dont necessarily have to become a scientist.. you can do enng or medicine orbiotech or loads more...bussiness well i have no clue...
but lemme tell you one thing... my heart lies in media.. my parents were against my taking arts so ive ended up in science and i realised that its tough to compete with people for whom studying that subject is a passion..i had a passion for languages and till 10th no one could beat me at it...if ur still confused i think u dunno much about either of the ask as many ppl as u can an browse...cio

ps- y r u picking in 7th??

ÕHARINIÕ said...

and gosh wats with the "my minds failed me??" seriously how old are u????enjoy life fill it with fun and dont worry a scrap awrite????
ps-ur blogrolled

Sahefa said...

@ shruti : thankyou
@ oharinio: ok and thankyou

The Queen said...

heya girl..
fisrtly thanks for visitng my blog and keep coming..;-)

and secondlly from what i see your blog is somthing i can connect to..coz its abt thots and feeling that flow in and out of ours mind ...somthing which is so gud to know and connect realise we're all human at some or other points in life having gud and bad phases ..

well thats blogging for me....madness philosphy , i hope you didnot get anything of what i said ... just kidding or maybe not .

Well for confusion on decision of sceince or masters...just do remeber one thing ..NO-MATTER who says what ultimately its ur life and choices , just think of what u like ..coz u don't wanna be stuck a so called SUCCESS yet doing somthing u don't like..

U just got one life , live it and take advice from others but ultimatley be the decision maker..x

Hammer said...

I was forced to make the same decision in 7th except that it was made for me due to my poor math abilities.

There aren't enough scientists in this world because people go into buisiness to make quick money.

Follow your heart and do what will bring you the greatest fulfillment.

Sahefa said...

thank you Hammer

pink dogwood said...

I have a 10 year old daughter and whenever we discuss what she should do when she grows up, I always tell her that it has to be something you love. That would be my advise to you as well - might not be the most practical thing. Good luck!!

"fiZZ"ing iNsiDE !!! said...

Sweetu,not to worry.don't get concerned abhi se coz there's a long way to go.Jaldi Jaldi get to 10th then decide n u never know where will mind will drag u.U may end up modeling or acting or singing or may be ....nething.U never know.Just live ur life sweetheart ,abhi no tension.

By the way li'l sis,u write soooo well.Keep writing.

Alok said...

I agree with most of the comments here.
Do not listen to what people say you should do.

The very first thing you should do is search yourself, and then make a decision based upon what You want to be, not what others want you to be.

Look for things that make you feel the happiest and the most productive. Choose accordingly.

Tshhar Mangal said...

I agree with shruti
Wait till your 10th class.
You are still immature in many aspects of the world.As you grow up you will discover more about yourself
and which career suits your personality style.
i saw in your profile,you are gemini.
Gemini's are fast and quick people.
They are very great in conversations.
Its a general belief that geminis make great salesmen.They can sell anything and everything with thier gift of talk.

So dont worry
U may choose any career as u grow up
otherwise writng is something in which you already have proved your mettle