Friday, January 18, 2008


So finally my result is here. I am so happy because my report went so good that my family is also proud of me.
At last my heartbeat is back to normal, i can breath easily and most important of all i am starting to enjoy my life once again.
Getting god marks is must in my family and if you don not do that then that means that you are finished! I tried my best to get a good result and i got it. The credit goes to my mother's prayers, my studies and most important of all.......YOU. Yes people helped alot through comments and wishing me best of luck.
Thank you all of my visitors who wished me best of luck.


Rohit Tripathi said...

Congratulation!!!!!!!! Rohit Tripathi
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nisha said...


Sahefa said...

@ nisha: Thnx
@ Rohit bhai: Sure i'll visit it

Alok said...

But is getting good marks everything in the world?

What about your earlier post trying to find your inner you? Isn't it more important than all this trivialities?
What about working towards what you have found in yourself?