Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It all started when when we were going for our games period. When we were on the way to the play ground we heard news that the teams are getting selected for flat race.

My friend was really excited to hear these news and she decided to participate in it. When the selection was going on; my friend tried her best to get selected for the team and we all were cheering for her and then suddenly there was a silence in the ground as my friend fell on the ground with all the wait on her arm. I could not tolerate her cries and i left the ground and then i don not know what happened.

Then we were in the class and my friend came inside with all the bandage wrapped till her elbow. We really felt bad for her. She was in severe pain. But she did not let anyone know that she is in pain but i could understand her situation and i helped her alot in picking up her bag and other things.

Today she called me and told that her major bone of the arm was broken. I was really surprised to hear that because no one would ever guess that it was such a serious case. The reason behind writing this post was that i want you all to pray for her that she gets well soon.


Hammer said...

That sounds like a rough game. I hope your friend gets well soon.

Shruti said...

awww.. poor girl, hope she gets well soon

Sahefa said...

@ Hammer: Thank you for wishing her
@ Shruti: Thank you for your kind concern