Thursday, April 24, 2008

OH NO!!!

Yesterday i got a news which really shocked me up. As everyone knows that my exams are going to start in a few weeks, I am also informed about the date of result.

My result day is on my BIRTHDAY!!! That makes it on 16th June. I am really happy at one place but extremely tensed about one thing. I am happy because if my result comes out great then i am going to have a big bash on that night but if my result is not good(God forbid) then........

I really want you people to include me in your prayers and wish me best of luck for the results. I know its very far away but the tension has started:P

Friday, April 11, 2008


I am really sorry my fellow blogger friends because you were waiting for my new post and i could not come with any:(

My exams are going to begin in the starting days of May. They are not just exams...they are FINAL exams! I am busy in the preparation for those exams so i hardly get any time to write a post. I am really sorry people. But i promise that as soon as my papers are going to finish i am going to come back to my regular schedule.

I will be writing posts but it may take a very long time to publish after one another. I hope my fellow blogger friends understand my situation. Don't know when i will be writing my new post so till the take care and sorry.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The first poem which i wrote

A few days back, i was reading a post on my friends blog which really forced me to write a poem. So i decided that i am going to write it and put it up on my blog because i share each experience of my life here. The name of the poem is:

On the path of infinity,
there is a hope.
On the journey of infinty,
there is a hope.
On the land of infinity,
there is a hope.
On the world of infinity,
there is a hope.
A hope which never dies,
but in the dark,it arise
like a burning light.
A hope full of high spirits,
but not fright.

I hope you like it:)