Sunday, October 26, 2008

The competition

The season is changing and winters are coming. I hate winters. They are full of boring days and heavy warm clothes. I always get sick when it is the starting of the winters and the same happened this year. Yesterday (Saturday) was my art competition where the all the schools of the two combined cities were there. So you can say it was a very important competition.

I had a severe headache and and flu. I had been practicing for the competition since a week. That is why i also did not get time for blogging. Only two students were selected from our entire school so this competition meant a lot to me. I took a lot of medicines just to make me ready for the big day.

Finally the big day came. The theme was 'peace'. In this theme we had to relate peace with Pakistan. The competition was of 90 minutes. There were three judges who were really great artists. The competition was contributed to Guljee. Many of you may know Gulgee and if you don't then click here. Its a small info about him. To come to the point. I finished the drawing in 90 minutes. The mobiles were allowed but we could not take pictures but i wanted to because i wanted to show my drawing to you guys.

Because i took the picture from my mobile so result is not that good. It was a really a great risk to use the camera when it was not allowed but i quickly took the picture. As it was in a hurry so the whole scene did not come but something is better than nothing.
So here is a look i hope you like my drawing.

Do not look at it very deeply because then there are chances that you may find any mistakes:P

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We met again...

I told you guys about my best friend has left my school. I really felt bad for it and i could not get back to my happy mood for a whole week but days after days i came back to my normal routine. Then after some days i received a call from her. I could not believe that it was her and i started crying. She told me that she now had a telephone at her home and i was really happy for that.

We both used to talk on the phone everyday. We told each other that what happened in the school and many many more but still i felt that as if our friendship was not the same as it was before and she always explained me that whatever i feel is not true but i never got satisfied. Then we decided to meet one day but something happened and i could nor meet her. Then Eid came and we both got dresses and sent our pictures to each other. Then i called her and i pretended that i am not missing her at all because then her Eid would have be spoiled because of me and then i realized that she was also pretending that she did not missed me and then we started crying again.

Now on this Friday we had a party in our school. I really missed her because she was with me in the same party last year. When everyone started dancing everything came in to my mind like a flashback. How we were dancing and enjoying last year. Suddenly i saw her rite at front of the door of my classroom but i did not reacted because i thought i am imagining her but when everyone screamed that she is here then i found out that it was not my imagination. She was really standing there!!!

We both gave a big hug to each other and i burst in to tears and i could not control myself. We both spent 2 hrs with each other and she made my party memorable and 2 hrs unforgettable. At that time i realized that how much important she was in my life. I wish that everyday becomes like that Friday

I really miss you ♥♥♥Zahra♥♥♥:'(

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eid, mehndi and bangles

I did not get time to write a post for the whole three days because this time it was a very Eid. It all started with chand raat. This chaand raat was very different because the moon of eid came out at midnight(really weird). Me, mom and my both brothers went out at shopping and father had his own program with his friends. I bought matching sandals and jewelery with my dress. Then my mother got some earrings. Me and mom waited at McDonald's for my brothers and we headed home.

This was for chaand raat. Then came the first day of eid which was superb. All of our relatives wished us. I didnot had time for mehndi so i got it in the morning from my cousin. She knows wonderful designs of mehndi. It was three wonderful days of my life because i got to meet everyone i always wanted to. I will tell more but now i have to study for the monthly papers.
Eid Mubarak and take care.