Tuesday, December 4, 2007

EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS.......aren't they done yet;

God!!!Everyone knows the exam days are coming closer and closer.In the exam days life becomes so dull,feels like life is not stopped yet and the dead not being started.

No t.v,playstation,ipod and no nothing.There is no doubt that education is the biggest gift of life but students should not have this much pressure.

I must say that exams are for our own good and they are a great help to us in learning what we have studied so far,but it should be a quick process...not that it should take 14 days.

I hate examsbut on the other side i like them as well because they are for our own good.


The Perfect Girl! said...

Why not leave all TV, iPod, play station and take the exam game as a challenge :-)!
Make it your friend, observe closely what it is :-)!
Then, also you can't play, hope, by the end of the game, there won't be any pressure and you can play more happily with iPod, play stations and watch a lot of good and your favorite programs on TV :-)!
Over the years it(exams) may become your friend...:-)...going to part with you in the current form and grow up and come in front of you in different forms :-)!!!