Friday, December 28, 2007

I was being ignored

I started realizing that i am being ignored when i told my brother to write a debate for me. It has been a week since i am asking him. The second time i felt that i am being ignored was when i was trying to choose my clothes for the party.

Then day by day i started feeling left aside until i got a good result for my papers. Then i realized that it was due to my less attention towards the studies that made my family upset with me.

But the one thing which i don not understand up till now is that why did no one told me the cause of ignoring me while they knew it very well? Can one of you help me in finding the answer to this question?


The Perfect Girl! said...

Hi Sahefa.
You are too young to advice.
But agina, in life certian things are there that you will learn by experience.
So, I don't know whether you accept it or not.
Ignorance is a good weapon according to some parents to bring the kids on to right track.
Some time your mother or father or one of them may be pretending as if they are ignoring you and just observing the results.
The most difficult job in this world is, bringing up a child.
Parents are someone who are going to be with you forever and even after life.
So, they are not bound to explain things by words, because it's difficult explain their wishes or even the worst fears with the words.
All they can do is take some action whose meaning you may get to know over tinme :-).
So, somtime, you may feel like ignored but it may not be so, indeed :-)!
I was such a happy kid, my mother was supposed to tell me and ignore if at all she wanted to ignore me :-)!
What I want to say, is it's your happiness that determines everything surrounding you than anything.
But again, it is also your consciousness and goodness to learn things and positiveness that determines your life :-)!
I will tell you nobody is ignoring just try to undersatnd things and life by observing them.
Be honest to correct yourself.
Be honest to like whatever you want to like as a kid.
So, you will be alright :-)!
The thing is there is no means of communication but soul's with the family members!
So, you have to understand by soul, than by talk.
Words cannot be equal to pictures that your parents see for you or brother or sister.
So, try to see those pictures in your mind.
So, you will be in a good position soon.

The Perfect Girl! said...

Oh sorry, I mean 'Ignoring' not Ignorance!

Sahefa said...
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Sahefa said...

Thnx for a long but helpful advice. Though i did not understand all of it but i got your point

The Perfect Girl! said...

Just don't take anything seriously :-)!
Just leave this first thought that people are ignoring you.
Just keep your self busy with some good, nice wonderful activities :-)!
Then, hey, ignore the world yaar, that ignres you :-)!
I mean, in a positive way, just forget the things that hurt you, or troubling you or causing some feeling like this...:-)!
See, what always you want to see :-)!
Be a beautiful person, from within :-)!
Well, you are already a wonderful person with a pretty blog!

The Perfect Girl! said...

Enjoy, play games, play even good computer games, read good books, spend time with friends, good or bad, learn from them, understand, grow to be a even more wonderful person :-)!
Be happy always!

Sahefa said...

Thank you so much perfect girl.
You really helped me out.

Mr Cool said...

I agree with you perfect girl :). Just ignore anythin that bothers u. enjoy life yaar as u said in one of ur posts below for ur info :)

Tys on Ice said...

maybe they were waiting for u to figure it out urself...

Sahefa said...

maybe that was the answer i was lookin for

The Perfect Girl! said...

Hi Sahefa.
Thank you for the comments.
Well, in this blog or any other blog, I just write to pass time, whenever I am free.
Actually I never was fond of writing so, it's difficult to write something is frame, complete and perfect :)!
So, don't ever worry about my other blogs :-)!
You write nicely.

Sahefa said...

thank you so much perfect girl

Soul said...

common people......

u totally ignore one person and expect that they read your mind..?
How the hell is that possible..
She is a small need to tell her things and make her understand rather than keeping her in the dark..Thats not the correct way...

How do u expect kids to understand what is on parents mind or how do u expect others to read people's thoughts..
Thats not possible...

Take out all those...

sahefa hwn u feel ignored i strongly advise that you should talk to people from whom you are being ignored so that you understand the reason for that ok....
There is no reason sitting and feeling sad that people are ignoring ok...go and talk to them..Sort out the things...ok...

Sahefa said...

thnx Soul

The Perfect Girl! said...

Right Sahefa.
Soul is right.
You better talk to your parents and that will really help you and also help bonding with them :-).

Sahefa said...

thnx perfect girl

Hammer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Sometimes people in our lives do not communicate effectively. It can be frustrating. You just have to be persistent and keep on asking qustions.

good luck to you!

Tshhar Mangal said...


Though i won't agree with your family's behavior.But you are quite young,parents get concerned at times
No one told you the cause maybe because they wanted you to understand it yourself.
Experiences like these make children wise
I think they had this intention in their mind