Monday, December 24, 2007


I thought about doing a post on this topic because this is very important for the people of our generation.

"Equality is very important in our lives". This is very easy for people to say but they never act upon it. People often neglect the black people and have a more positive attitude towards the white people. This not only happens with the black people but also with the people who are not actually black they only have a dull complexion.

I know how it feels and i ask you my fellow bloggers that why people are ignored for the features the are given by god. Put yourselves at the place of those black and middle tone people and think how it feels. It feels MISERABLE.

Please i request you people to have a value for equality and Buddha had also advised his followers to go on the path of equality.


Soul said...

Now..why wonder why no girls used to love me...since I am not white..
This is not fair girls....
Even I have been created by the same god...which created even you....(Just Joking)..

Good one..what made you post this ?

Rohit Tripathi said...

Wow!! Such a different and unique topic. This topic crossed my eyes for the first time. I feel even the wheatish complexion becomes a topic of comments. Equality should be irrespective of colour or things like caste/creed. These days people go at lengths to look fair. I wonder how the world relates colour to stature!

The Perfect Girl! said...

Hi Sahefa!
Nice article :-)!
But more than worrying about his complexion, we should worry and notice the kind of cloth he is wearing and his face :-)!
People should be happy first :-)!
Why we should worry about somethings that others think about us?
We should be knowing how to leave, how to explore the happiness hidden in the soul of the earth, of course that has created us, then, that must be knowing how to protect us, or may be it has some value for us :-), rather than worrying for somebody tells that he is black :-)!
So just leave it :-)!
And see the world :-)!
Try to improve yourself :-)!
And wish and give an helping hand to someone if possible in a meaningful way, so that their life changes, forever, for the good :-)!

Sahefa said...

Thnx perfect girl for giving me such a wonderful advise.

Sahefa said...

By the way the thing which u r saying is that we should look at his clothes and his face.But my dear friend plz try to notice that his clothes and his face is the result of his complexion. If he would b a white child people would have thought that he is cute lets adopt him and whatsoever.

The Perfect Girl! said...

May be you are right sahefa :-)!
But don't think all well to do people are whites :-)!
There are others too :-)!
I mean we should learn to live :-)!
Sorry, in my previous comment I mispelt, live as leave:-)!
Then, yeah, he is supposed to laugh and we are supposed to see that kind of smile also in the cute kids chain mails :-)!
Then, why asking it from somebody else, you(we) can love him, you know :-)!