Friday, March 7, 2008


I never understood that for which thing i am perfect. I am always confused. All of my friends have specialty and they are good at it. But its only me who is never able to do anything.

All of my friends say that you write with your left hand and that makes you special. Just tell me people that how can writing with a left hand makes someone special. I am good for nothing. I want to be special like others so that people notices me. Sometimes i try to act funny so that people attracts towards me but even that makes no use.

I am not good at sports, in which any one can be good at. I don't know how to find the true me. Can anyone of my readers suggest me the way to help me find the inner me,the true me...


Tshhar Mangal said...

I was never good at sports too,
and at 20 am still looking for my true talent,some feel writing is my true talent i dont belive it,but am good at nothing.
If you are very curious try astrology,numerology,tarots.or zodiacs.there are many more such ideas,and they can help you a lot.
For example i know it for a fact that gemini's are ruled by mercury.And mercury makes them seek self knowledge.The more they know,more they would want to know.Its almost never ending
Thats what makes geminis so intellegent and sharp.
Easier way to know all your answers if you dont wish to learn so much,leave it all to time,with time you will discover all the answers but i would advice to learn those things as you have an intelligent mind if you want i can mail you some stuff.

Hope you find all the answers you wanna know.

God bless you

arvind1187 said...

hmm..well that u have to find.. with time u will know...
we cant help in anywya i think..
hope that u wind the inner u very soon ..
i am sure u are special in something..
dont worry :)

Hammer said...

I'm the same as you describe. The only thing I could do to make myself special was to learn as much as I could about the world so people would think I was smart.

I can see right now you are a thinker and a good writer. Did you consider that?

Sahefa said...

@ tshaar:I am also Gemini but i am not intellegent and sharp and yes you can mail me some stuff on

@ Arvind:Thanks alot

@ Hammer:No i didnot. Thnx any way.

Ravi said...

Hi there :)

Just believe in yourself, be strong, be self-confident, give yourself some time and I'm sure, you'll be able to achieve what you're looking for :)

Take care!

Tshhar Mangal said...

Mail sent.And don't tell anyone that you are not intelligent and sharp.They may die laughing at the joke ;-)

Because anyone who has read this blog well can confirm how bright and intelligent you are. :-)
And now we know how modest you are.
Note that special personality trait of yours

God bless you

Sahefa said...

thnx alot to both of you!

tekybala said...

To find the inner? hmmm...
All the stuffs u have written shows that u r unique from other people. 1/10 will be left handers. And not everyone achieves in sports ur doing that. And dancing well too..

So u r multi talented. Why feeling for that u r good for none. Actually u r gud in everything.

Enjoy n experience every moment in life...

Sahefa said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment.

brocasarea said...

welcome to the left handers club!..u are13 right?...that means u havent completed 12th? try to achieve some thing in 12th like iit or getting into medicine.....tht will really give u a sense of achievement!:)...atleast in India education matters the most!

satish said...

ohhk. you are just 13. you are just a kid.

no comments.

Tys on Ice said...

come on...iam 39 and i hope to god that i will never find out wht iam good in...tht way it will be fun trying to find out by trying your hand at everything...

one advice : have fun with ur life...and pls stop trying so hard

Sahefa said...

@ Brocasarea: Thankyou
@ Satish: Whatever
@ Try on ice: Thank you

SwAThi.... said...

You know sometimes being yourself can work far better than trying to be someone else.Coz thats what makes you unique...being there is no one else like you... :)

Sahefa said...

Hmmm you have got a point. Thank you so much.

Alok said...

Remember when in the last post I asked you to delve into yourself and ask why you felt happy?

My purpose was to address this issue that you have here. A lot of people feel this emptiness and wonder what might fill it. They try, as you have tried, to feel 'special' by attracting others. But this is not at all a good way.

I believe that every person is innately special. You are too. You don't need anyone else's approval for that. Also do not compare yourself with others, for you will never be able to look at your own abilities properly. They shouldn't be in the picture at all.

You being left handed is just a teensy part of being special, because that trait belongs to you. And you are special. Believe that, and half the thing is dealt with. Same thing with sports, not everyone is good at it, and there's no need to be.

My advice: To find the real you, the true you, you have to look at yourself inwardly. For example, when you're angry, try to reason out why you're angry, what principle of yours was violated that made you angry. When you're sad, try to find out what it is that has made you feel it.

When you're happy, what made you happy. For example, when you're doing something, and you feel happy doing it, that's where you can truly contribute, because your mind is willing. Focus only on this, and you will be "able to do something", as you put it.

I feel happy when I'm programming on a computer. Not everyone likes doing it. So that's where I can do something.

Astrology or planets have nothing to do with it. And do not depend on time.
"God helps those who help themselves"

Sahefa said...

I guess you have put alot of effort to explain me this point and i appreciate that. I got every point which you told me and i will try to work on it. Thank you.

Soham Chakraborty said...

Each and every human being has his/her own drawbacks , no one is perfect as you know . Every wants to achieve the highest spot and be popular and all . There are some who can and some who cannot .
The people with whom you are comparing have a speciality which makes them popular but that doesnt means that you are not special . Being a person with good intellect and nature itself is special and you know what , it is the toughest thing . To be normal is the best thing , there are always less fortunate than you but they are happy with what they have . And one last thing , never wander your thoughts in this direction !!!

MY THOUGHTS!! said...


i m 21, right handed, cannot play a sport for my life(tho can watch any sport for hours), dun have ne extensive knowledge about music/bands/songs/artists nd still have a 1000+ songs in my comp, and so on and so forth!!! i can go on n on abt how normal i sound! but i m not i m crazy as hell i can drive ppl crazy as hell whn i strt talkin nonstop nonsense!:D
i read ur post abt ur talent shw so dat u do have some talent! girl its not abt being exceptional at smthng! perfectly normal being such as u n me can be centre of attraction only if we strt to enjoy watevr we do!

gud luck!

p.s. if u still want to be exceptional.......lemme tell u it take lot of courage to accept dat u r just.........NORMAL!

Sahefa said...

I understand the points of you both of you.
Thank you

DrWiz said...

Hello Sahefa,
You are just 13 and you have still a lot of life to be lived. I'd say what you think of yourself is totally wrong. Let me make some points clear to you...

- If you want to be unique, you have to be yourself, don't just try to imitate others, or act like some one else like you said you try to act yourself.

- Being noticed is not all about life, it could give you nothing indeed.

- Don't follow ant tarots of astrology stuffs, its crap.

- If you think you don't have any special talents, you must be multi talented, yeah its better than just one! I don't know anything about you, but I can see that you are a very good blogger, you can write well and you have a big bunch of readers too [I really envy you, I didn't even know what is internet when I was 13] all of your friends have this? You are just 13, who knows you may become one of the most famous bloggers one day, I am not kidding. We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.

- Yeah, anyone can be good at sports, but only if you try.

- To find the true you, you have to look into yourself. The first and best victory is to conquer oneself.

- And remember this, "A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes." - Gandhi

- And most of all, be good, do good and have faith in The Almighty.

May God bless you.

FYI - Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoléon Bonaparte, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells, Paul McCartney, Charlie Chaplin, Amitabh Bachchan, Diego Armando Maradona, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, Monica Seles, Bill Gates, Valentino Rossi, Oprah Winfrey, Henry Ford, Ludwig van Beethoven, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein...all of them are left handed!

Apeksha said...

:-) hey chill.....ur so like any other teenager my went thru the same thng n still go thru it.....its just the process of discovering ourselves u no.....n u no wat? sum ppl take all their lives to no themselves.....the fact that u r actually trying to find urself frm nw itself....u sure wil find out who u r sooner or later.....much b4 "THE END" :) n remember....we are still "under construction" we always are at any point in our lives....that doesnt mean we are useles....n ya,people giving u attention doesnt mean ur gr8.....ur gr8 whthr ne1 nos it or not.....its not sumthng the world has to no coz for the world we are just another organism....its our own heart n mind tht we need to convince n urself....even if ur nt fantabulous at anythng specific....n ul b mis popular neway.....if nt among ppl who see u outwardly,thn among us bloggers :) coz bloggers see each other inside out thru their words...keep writing baby

suvaiba said...

hey sahefa
to me de wrd special dozent mean talent ..itz ur wrld ur imagination in de eyes of ur parents u r and willl alwayz b special an dat fr any matter...i am goin to b 14 teenager ryt hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... even i dont have any special quality but sum say dat my eyes 00h i luv dis compliment dat my eyes speak fr me..
and de wrst compliment i hav ever got is dat i luk beautiful wen i cry i mean how dumb is dat.....
u r special coz ur heart is apecial
talents r discovered dey r within you within sahefa........... just wait it dependz on TIME..
mayb ur future is toooooooooo bright

Patchez said...

Hmm, is there a thing called perfection?

Well, its all about continual improvement :) perfection brings stagnation.. theres a long time to go... why muse do much?