Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rain rain go away!

I just love rain but sometimes rain can be a blessing or a curse. I like playing in rain because it makes me really feel better. But these days i am fed up of it. As everyone knows that this is the beginning of my new term so there is a lot to be done in the school building.

Being seniors, we have to decorate our school and we are really desperate for it but the problem is that the rains are not stopping here and because of that we have delay our work. I have to decorate my school corridors and office but every time this rain stops me because i have to make all the decorations in the play ground. Which is the only place where we can make a hell lot of mess:P

So all of you pray with me that this rain goes away soon and we are back to our schedule.


Comfortably Numb said...

Rain wont let me play tennis.
It sucks sometimes.


Tshhar Mangal said...

Wow !!! decorating school equals to less time spent in boring classes
Sounds coool
Anyways, a surprise for your Blog and u
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Anonymous said...

hehe! I hope it go away and you resume your decorations :)

vishesh said...

i love to watch the rain :P

mayz said...

oh i always wish that it i can neva wish for it to go away!!! sowwy!!!

Sahefa said...

@ Comfortably numb: Ya that is what i say.

@ Tshhar: Thank u so much tshhar. U r the best...thyank u so much!!!!!!!!

@ .a.: thnx...

@ Vishesh: me too:P

@ Mayz: hmmmmm

gunj said...

oh how i hate rains!

spicymist said...

oooh i love rains but i want proper rains not the cloud pee stuff going on for the past few weeks

Think Tank said...

ok ..i hate rains ..sply cause it waterlogs every year in this place ..but ok im praying


blogrolling u too :)

Sahefa said...

@ Gunj: I don't hate em:D

@ Spicymist: ya...same with me

@ Thintank: thnx