Friday, August 15, 2008

I have started cooking:D

I love cooking and eating. Sometimes my cooking gets really worse but even then i love eating it because that is made by own hands. In previous days i could only make burgers and sandwiches but now i can make steaks, pastas and many many more.

I mentioned about Ramadan in my previous post. In Ramadan all people eat a lot because they stay hungry for the whole day and when its time for iftaari...everyone just attacks on the food:P

Let me give you a little info about Ramadan. In the morning we eat Sehri. We eat as much as we can because we have a big day ahead of us while staying hungry. Sewaiyan are very popular in Sehri. Everyone eats them. They are delicious.

In iftaari pakoras are very popular i know how to make them also:D

I am 14 now and can help my mom in Ramadan in cooking( Ramadan is yet to come) I will try really delicious things this time so everyone can have a great time in Ramaan.


vishesh said...

lol happy cooking and eating ;)

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

The word attack is absolutely true... I have seen my friends doin that.. :P

Sahefa said...

@ Vishesh: thnx...

@ Rushabh: even i do that:P


new to your blog..
liked it.
keep posting the recipies too..
bestwishes for thecooking classes!

saif said...

i love eating but not waiting for ramadan

Tshhar Mangal said...

My My

Keep cooking
Keep eating

mayz said...

wow!!! cool!!
talented lil kid eh :)

Hammer said...

my favorite pakoras are spinach onion and garbanzo flour.


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

heya! nice to know u cook.. im 17 and STILL cant !
well im a vegetarian so im not drooling that much over the list of things you can cook....
nyway, keep cooking and blogging.
ps- im bck to bloggin n my blog updated...:P

Niiyara said...

hii darling! im looking forward to ramadan too but these will be the longest ive ever kept! its like 5am to 9pm or something!!

i loooove pakoras and my mum always makes chiken ones during ramadan!!! :) i love making them with her!!!!

and sewaiyan! but we steal them from my grandmas coz she makes the best :D

i should be like u and start learning a little more to help mum!

Vikas ( Vicky) said...

i always like eating much more than cooking.. lol

Scribblers Inc said...

woi!!great food happening na!!:)

Scribblers Inc.

Zahra said...

good yar you have started cooking. why did you go to hospital. Yar im really tensed about school.

Sahefa said...

@ Man in painting: Thank u for coming to my blog...i will sure put some recipes.

@ Saif: I am also waiting \...i don't like eating

@ Tshaar: u got that right...yummmyyy

Sahefa said...

@ Mayz: Yaaaaaaaaa

@ Hammer: My favourite are chicken and potato.

@ Harini: You should atart learning:D

Sahefa said...

@ Niiyara: It will be 5:00a.m to 8:00p.m

@ Vikas: I like cooking more:D

@ Scibblers inc: yup!

@ Zahra: Me too yaar...when did your net started workin eh?

Rajesh said...

Happy Cooking...its a learning preocess...u ll get too in the early days of cooking...lets make good cooks

Do visit my blog...hope it interests u

Sahefa said...

@ Ragesh: So we have something in common eh?

Rajesh said...

Jus read ur comment in my don leave comments without reading the write-up...a kind request...they're meant to b read and not jus lik that

Meghna said...

cool....I HATE COOKING>>>>literally yaar....kaise jhelti ho??

gunj said...

hey can u eat pastas during ramadan too?

Sahefa said...

@ Rajesh: I got your point:)

@ Meghna: yaar jhelti nai ho...mujhe acha lagta hai cooking karna:P

@ Gung: We can eat everything but at a time.

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