Sunday, June 22, 2008


Oh my God! I cannot believe what is happening with me. These summer vacations are really spoiling me. I have no work to do. I don't study and most of all I am becoming LAZY.

When i was in school, i was smart, active and vigilant but now as i have nothing to do at home, i am getting the opposite of these things. I have gained 5 kg in 15 days! In the working days my wait was 40kg and now it is 45kg. I have things to do in theses vacations as well but they do not involve exercise. All i do is blogging and design clothes all day. And because of it i a getting lazy. When someone yells me to do any work i simply refuse and say "i don't it yourself".

I thought swimming would help a lot bus i am bored of swimming now. I don't know what to do. The thing which is seriously bothering me is that i am gaining wait. Although i don't see any difference in my body but sometime it will and i don't want that to happen so please people HELP ME!


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

yaay im the first to comment... n what are u complaining bout being 45 kg??
n being lazy is so amazing.... dont worry ul be back to urself in a little while so enjoy ur lazy phase :p

btw my blogs updated :p

biker said...

wat just 45kg.oh ma . My diary is full of tips for loosing wait. I'll see if I can help u but wat i think is Holidays are meant for aaram only.
N check ur inbox

The Biker

Shruti said...

hey Sahefa! U said its not making a difference to ur appearance na? Then worry not.. its just ur bones getting stronger! Just see that u don't beat up anybody now ;)

vishesh said...

lol eat lots of paneer :D

Sahefa said...

@ Harini: Will try to enjoy...thnx for stopping by

@ Biker: Do tell me the tips...ya i will do the araam as well...i'll check it

@ Shruti: LOL but itz making any difference but if i dont controll then it will

@ Vishesh: LOL...paneer is gonna make me like a football:P

jan said...

hi sahefa! im jan from the swadeshi library. apparently u r also 14, a gemini, a booklover, having holidays and gaining weight...all just like me!
i was very skinny during skool, nd now ofcurs, i resemble a football wid legs!
i've started doing sum rough walking b4 dinner everyday, maybe that can help u as well!

Sahefa said...

@ Jan: Wow ! We match a lot. Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving me a good advice. I hope it works but don't you think that i should have a walk after the dinner

mayz said...

45 kgs n u complainin????????????
btw bloggin all day...this update came aftr a week!!!

Tshhar Mangal said...

Arrey 45 kilos and you complaining,
Let the school start,all the studies they will make you do,will lighten up your calories don't worry,
and this pic is sooo cute.

Stop worrying so much about the weight,a bit is ok thought.
Enjoy :-)

irshad said...


Take up tennis. It's a good sport. One of the few sports where the whole body gets an exercise....

Regards, Irshad

tekybala said...

wait! wait!
check the spell! weight lol ;)
whenever u got hungry, and there were some snacks in front of u calling to have it.. juz do this exercise..

1.turn your head towards left.
2. then turn your head towards right.

repeat this until u hunger gone... ;) lol

then ur weight will not increase..

Sri said...

I wud suggest u to try doing YOGA...u can reduce your weight(not wait) and u can also improve your concentration power...check it out!!!

Sahefa said...

@ Mayz: Only posting is not blogging...going to others blog...commenting...reading their posts is also blogging

@ Tshaar: thnx tshhar...but dat pic iz really old nw:P

@ Irshaad: thnx for the advice Irshaad

@ Tekybala: Oops...i'll correct the spellings...btw the advice u tld me iz really difficult:P

@ Sri: Will sure check it out.

Alok said...

I don't care about my weight, so I'm the wrong person to ask. :D

Waise I'm sure all that chocolate cake has some role to play in this. Thou sinned, and now thous shalt repent! :D

jan said...

well sahefa, u could do some walking after dinner, but then that's not of much use. u'll only feel heavy after having food...

anyway, take care. (and put on lots of me!)


Gauri Mathur said...

heheheh..same Sahefa..i myself has becum soo lazyy..i sleep thro out d day,,,:D so same pinch fr tat.:D sabka vaise yehe haal hta haii,,hols mei..heheh

take care sweety,,n gainig weight is nt a big issue yaar..jus chiill..n njoyy,,hav fun!!!!:-)

Sahefa said...

@ Alok: I think the same thing as well:P

@ Jan: lol...thnx:)

@ Gauri: So we are same in a way:D...thnx

SwAThi.... said...

Hey girl...just chill!!Its ur holidays and ur entitled to have fun...make the best of them coz once ur school starts again u wont hav time for such luxuries :)

Sahefa said...

@ Swathi: Guess u r right. I should just chill and rock the summers?